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Haehaetu Barret and Robyn Everitt – 2012 Poster Girls
Haehaetu Barret and Robyn Everitt – 2012 Poster Girls

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BCAC – Breast Cancer Aotearoa coalition

BCAC is thrilled to have an extra $60,000 in the bank thanks to our highly successful “Show Your Heart” campaign with Arnott’s TimTam and Progressive Enterprises.  That money will help us to continue to support those with breast cancer by, among other things, providing our support pack Step by Step free-of-charge to those newly diagnosed with breast cancer.- Continue reading current newsletter

Upfront U Kaiora

This issue is jamb packed full of Expert Panel Seminar ‘Breast Cancer and Environmental Risks’overview including talks from Professor Charlotte Paul, Professor Ian Shaw, Doctor Barbara Cohn, along with women of Aotearoa, sharing their personal experiences with breast cancer – Continue reading current newsletter