Breast Cancer Counselling

The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation (NZBCF) has launched a free counselling programme available to women anywhere in New Zealand.

NZBCF Counselling offers three free one-on-one professional counselling sessions to women at whatever stage of their breast cancer treatment they most need it. That might be just after diagnosis, or during treatment, or further down the track for women living with advanced breast cancer.

Women will need to be referred for counselling by their specialist physician, breast care nurse or GP. Once the referral is approved, women will have online access to profiles of qualified counsellors in their area, and can book an appointment with the counsellor of their choice.

To download a referral form or for more information,visit this link or call the NZBCF’s advice line 0800 BC NURSE (0800 226 8773 FREE) with questions.

NZBCF Counselling is funded entirely by donations. The current 1000 Tees campaign ( is raising funds for the service.