The Rotorua Breast Cancer Trust help those with breast cancer in the Rotorua Community. Here are some of the ways they may be able to support you:

Care Package – when you are first diagnosed the Cancer Nurse at the Hospital will give you one of our care packs. If you have missed out on this, please call 022 424 6616 or email

Petrol Vouchers – These are included in your care package.

Cushions – We have soft cushions to use with seatbelts to stop any discomfort.

Personalised help – We appreciate individual needs vary depending on circumstances. We will assess your situation and offer appropriate support according to your needs and available funds.

Monthly Newsletters – each month, information is sent via email to members, to keep them up to date with new information, events, and activities happening. Sign up by emailing

Support Groups – We have a Morning Tea Group that meets once a month.

Hair and Beauty Treatments, Exercise Groups, Lymph Connection, Winter Series, and the ever-popular PINK WALK EVENT!