“Supporting and caring for those affected by breast cancer in our community.”

Trust Members – “for the love of the Trust and our people”

  • Gayle Rattigan (Chairperson)
  • Lesley Fitness (Secretary)
  • Kim Shearer (Treasurer)
  • Pam Taylor
  • Bonny Hatami

Being a Trustee is a voluntary role and we are always looking for more support in operating the Rotorua Breast Cancer Trust. If you would like to offer your time and services, please contact us.

About our Logo

RBCT Pink Tiki Logo

The Hei Tiki is recognised throughout Polynesia as a symbol representing human life and also as a tangible memory of ancestors and the love associated with those who have worn the tiki over many generations. Our hei tiki was designed with thoughts of guardianship, ongoing life, and well-being. You will see that the hands of the tiki are covering the breast which represents protection and guardianship of this sacred part of the feminine form and nurturing propensity.

Thank you to our former Trustee, June Northcroft Grant for designing our fabulous logo.