Have you been diagnosed recently?

The Rotorua Breast Cancer Trust (predominantly made up of breast cancer survivors) provides an incredible support network to those affected by breast cancer and their families. So if you need help or know of someone that does, please contact us. We are here to help.

Here is some of the support availableIMG_9657

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We appreciate that every case is unique and therefore may require alternative support options and we are happy to discuss your specific needs with you.

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Thoughts From Those We Have Supported

Through Rotorua Breast Cancer support, Sue, Mardia and her husband attended the Holistic Cancer Congress. Here is some of what Mardia had to say…

From Mardia….“The Cancer Congress has helped to give my husband and I more hope” – “It meant a lot that my husband was able to attend with me. He has been there every step of the way and at least emotionally  he is affected by my diagnosis as much as I am. I really see my situation as ‘our’ situation” – “To understand that I can make changes that could possibly make a difference to the end result is quite empowering.  For me personally this makes dealing with my diagnosis and situation a lot easier” – “I would absolutely recommend this Congress to other cancer patients. It was a great opportunity to find out what other avenues of help are out there and also the many things that I can do to help myself.”

From Sue...”I loved every part of the Congress. At this conference many areas of complimentary ideas, experiences and treatments for cancer were shared. I was in the company of like-minded people. This whole weekend was most interesting, heartening, refreshing and reinforcing for me” – “I am pleased I can revisit all the special presenters and speakers by googling ‘Holistic Cancer Congress Auckland 2013′” – “I would recommend this conference to any other patients who are interested in exploring a wider variety of ideas and treatments to compliment treating their cancer diagnosis and recovery” – “I felt privileged to be able to attend this conference ‘Thank you RBCT for your support!'”.