The second annual Holistic Cancer Congress (HCC), took place in Penrose, Auckland on March 16-17.

A range of local and international speakers addressed topics such as

  • Options to improve results with orthodox medical treatments
  • How diet may influence the development of breast cancer
  • How to reduce side effects of medical treatments
  • The positive impact of diet, exercise, meditation, prayer, energy psychology, dietary supplements and correctly prescribed herbal medicines

The Congress is for all health practitioners, those affected by cancer, and all interested members of the public, says founder David Holden. “Whether you’re suffering first-hand from cancer, or you’re a spouse, family member, support person, doctor, oncologist or allied health practitioner wanting to update yourself on the leading holistic medicine approaches to cancer, this event is for you.”

Participants can attend two full days of presentations and panel discussions. The registration fee includes fully-catered organic lunches, (with vegetarian, free range chicken and fish options, all gluten and dairy free) with morning and afternoon teas.

Further information

To be notified of the next congress, email: and type in the subject line, please keep me informed of future Holistic Cancer Congress events. Please also provide us with your contact details in the email.



Holistic Cancer Congress