Good morning all
Im the new girl on the block in effect. I am new to RBCT and I have been doing a similar role for another Not for Profit chari-ty in the BoP. I have had health [variety of cancers] experiences, within my own immediate, extended families and friends, so feel really excited that I can be involved with RBCT and to not only work with great people; but in time to meet awesome people through my role and all for aa great purpose.
I aim to attend meetings at times, to meet you but sadly not every meeting.
Here’s a thought
As I wake in the morning, Today I feel the chill in the air.
As I look out my window, I see the autumn colours in the trees.
As I venture out the door, I see fallen leaves on the ground ready to trip me up.
I see winter is knocking on my door and I know it is time for us all to be reminded of a few winter essentials. Time to check for potential trips and slips from those leaves, from the slop-py slippers, and the electric cords that might be running the heaters to keep us warm.
So DO take care to check your surroundings are clear, well lit and safe as we don’t want to hear or the slips and spills that might otherwise happen and do check your smoke alarms are in good working order.
Take care Mary Mary Reid, Administrator Phone: 022 468 0433 Email:

Welcome to our new administrator – Mary Reid