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January 2017 Newsletter

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Hello Everyone We hope you all had a good Christmas and New Years. It is now on to 2017 and we have a couple of new activities – a walking group starting and a Pink High Tea event to save the date for.  Also our first morning tea support group of the year is kicking off soon. New Walking Support Group Prior… Read more »

Pink Walk – Save the Date

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Welcome to the first Pink Walk Newsletter for 2016. You are receiving this newsletter as you have attended the Pink Walk previously. We would like to thank you for your support, especially as the walk raised over $10,000 in 2015 and this has gone towards helping those in Rotorua with Breast Cancer in a variety of ways (exercise classes, support… Read more »

Metipel Film

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Call for nationwide access to film that helps to prevent radiation damage BCAC is pushing for a special silicon dressing that helps to reduce skin damage during radiation therapy to be used nationwide. The silicon film, called Mepitel film, is placed over the area to be irradiated and can reduce skin reactions to radiation therapy by more than 90 per… Read more »

Study Finds a Connection Between Sleep and Breast Cancer Survival

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. Doctors recommend that adults get between seven and eight hours of sleep every night in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. People who do not get enough sleep may experience numerous side effects that are both physical and mental (such an increased risk for obesity or depression). Now a new study revealed that sleep is crucial in breast cancer… Read more »

Cooling caps to prevent chemo-induced hair loss

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For many women, one of the most distressing side effects of chemotherapy can be hair loss, but more and more women are now turning to revolutionary new cold caps in a bid to retain their locks. Cold caps involve women wearing a tightly fitted cap that’s filled with a gel chilled to freezing level while they have their chemotherapy infusions. … Read more »

Memory issues after cancer

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Memory issues after cancer may not be due to chemo Research has suggested some women experience mental haziness, dubbed “chemo brain,” during and soon after chemotherapy treatment. And one recent study found evidence of changes in the activity of certain brain regions in women who’d undergone chemotherapy (see Reuters Health story of November 15, 2011). Read more…

I’m not sick; I just have side effects

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I’m not sick; I just have side effects – A young women’s story According to the little name tag barcode thing the hospital puts on you, I was 35 and 2 months at the time of my breast cancer diagnosis. The cancer was hormone and Her2 positive; I had a full mastectomy and reconstruction at the same time, followed by… Read more »

Pink Walk Terms and Conditions

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Entries must be via the official entry forms or via the online registration process. All participants must abide by instructions from marshals and officials. The event will take place rain, hail or shine, however in the unlikely event of cancellation due to civil emergency there can be no refunds. All profits to the Rotorua Breast Cancer Trust. Prizes galore Children… Read more »

Social support can help..

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“Breast cancer patients that say they have people with whom they have a good time, or have “positive social interactions with”, are better able to deal with pain and other symptoms, according to a new Kaiser Permanente study published  in Breast Cancer Research and Treatment…read more…