Study on the Mediterranean diet and breast cancer

Andrea Braakhuis at Auckland University is looking for volunteers for her study on the Mediterranean diet and breast cancer.

Here’s the info she gave us on the study:

The Mediterranean diet is a plant-based dietary pattern characterized by high intake of olive oil, legumes, whole grains, fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and fish. The diet has been linked to a decreased risk of disease including several types of cancer and metabolic syndrome. We are interested in the effect of following a Mediterranean Diet adapted for breast cancer (BC-Med) on blood markers, quality of life, dietary intake and weight. We aim to compare the Mediterranean diet to the current gold-standard guidelines (low-fat healthy eating) and current practice (no dietary intervention).

Date: Commencing March 2016 onwards.

Recruiting in NZ.

Location: The University of Auckland Clinical Research Centre, Grafton, Auckland. Efforts can be made to minimise clinic visits throughout the study.

Inclusion criteria: Those aged 50 or above (although we are flexible with the age exclusion), diagnosed with grade 1-3 breast cancer and three or more months following active treatment and a body mass index (BMI) >25 will be enrolled. Participants can be on hormonal therapy. We will exclude those on anti-inflammatory medication; those who drink more than 2 standard alcoholic beverages per day; those diagnosed with diabetes mellitus or those who smoke tobacco. Participants will need to provide medical information regarding their breast cancer grade. We request participants provide receptor expression and use of hormone therapy, but those who wish to keep this information private will still be eligible.

The study will involve monthly group education sessions for six months (although we can work around busy schedules). We will be providing key food ingredients and petrol vouchers to support participants.

Interested women can get in touch with Andrea on these channels: Email:, Ph: 022 350 2926